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MNSS, is a provider of both NEW & Used, RICOH, office equipment. MNSS can provide your company with high-quality, reliable and affordable office equipment to
optimize productivity and streamline operations.


20+ Years Experience In Network Solutions

Consultative Solutions

Sales of equipment, Lease of equipment, Short term rentals

Proactive Maintenance

Copier & Network support, Routine maintenance, Wide format plotter

Intuitive Solutions

Deployment of network, Firewall setup & management, Backup & disaster recovery, Email setup

Multi-Network Solutions, Preventative Maintenance Program is only one of the things that set us apart from our competitors. We will hand-deliver parts and toner when you need them with no delivery charge.

Our service Contract always include all parts, labor, and supplies, with or without a lease contract. We strive to build relationships with our clients and to provide them with quality service and affordable and reliable equipment.

We will only make repairs on your machines as the RICOH service guidelines suggest parts.

important things you should know

Questions & Answers

When leasing equipment do we go with an FMV or dollar out option?
If your company has decided to lease, you have two different leasing options; FMV ( Fair Market Value) and a Dollar-Out lease option. On the Fair Market Value lease option, your payment structure will be less because there would be a 15% residual at the end of your lease that gets tagged to the price if you buy the unit at the end of the contract. On the Dollar Out lease program, your payments will be higher because there is no 15% residual tag on to the end of your lease. Primarily at the end of the contract $1 above your regular res payment, you get to keep the equipment.
What to consider when choosing a lease option?
There are three questions to consider in this case. 1. How long do you plan to keep the equipment? 2. Are you keeping it under service contract during your ownership? 3. What’s the projected growth of your company, and will the machine under lease keep up with the volume, or do you foresee upgrading earlier in your lease program? Another thing to keep in mind is what is the financial strength of the company can afford to continue leasing for long periods or what lease term would be their best option.
Should we have an all-inclusive service contract tied into our lease?

for many years The copier industry has always bundled service into the lease contract; however, those practices are not financially beneficial for the end-user. Although it seems convenient to make one payment to one company, there are drawbacks to having your service tied into your lease. By having service bundled into your contract, If the service is below standard and the equipment is not performing to your expectations, you still contractually bound by the deal for the length of that lease as well as not having control over your monthly volume and the costs associated with that.

Should we go with new or used equipment?

with technology evolving rapidly it’s tough to say whether or not new or used is a good option however over the years our experience has shown us that most companies are still using the equipment in the original manner in which it was deployed. Most companies are deploying used equipment in their office often than in past years only because they get the best of both worlds low cost of acquisition and the ability to implement other programs such as document management and cost recovery software by blending both new and used Technologies.

When purchasing used equipment what to look out for?

if your company has decided to buy used equipment, please consider the following. How long has the company been in business for? Do they refurbished the machine and are they the responsible ones for installing the hardware and supporting it. These need to be taken into consideration before signing a contract.

Why should we get a maintenance contract with our equipment?

a maintenance contract will cover your machine from top to bottom, and in case something should happen you have all the coverage needed. A sometimes clients feel that they don’t need a service contract because they can purchase the parts and the supplies on their own however copier companies do have special rates & special pricing for those consumables. The maintenance contract is prorated against the volume monthly, but all of your parts consumables such as your toner, feed rollers tension belt & the firmware updates that are necessary when the manufacturer makes them available that’s even covered, so there is an upside to having your maintenance contract.

What does the maintenance contract cover and what does it not cover?

the coverage you are looking for in a maintenance contract may vary from dealer to dealer. Some dealers may only cover Parts, labor, toners & supplies, but they will not include P.M. kits others will provide P.M. kits, they will also include PC and networking involved at a higher rate, you have to check your maintenance contract and see what they offer. Typically with our company, we provide all of the maintenance all of the parts supplies training and the PM’s we do not cover acts of God such as lightning storms water damage and negligence.

If we have a maintenance contract how often should someone come out and service our machine?

typically, as you send us the meter readings we look at the volumes on a month-to-month basis. When the copier reaches a specific set of numbers we send a technician out to go service the machine, if a service call should arise we can have a technician out there within a 4-Hour timeframe, however, our averages 2 hours to call.

Does our service contract include a loaner copier?

yes our maintenance contract does include a free loaner if your machine can’t be repaired within a reasonable time frame our technicians can back up the address book & network settings Etc. So that when the loaner is brought in, it’s a smooth transition without affecting the office at all.

Does our maintenance contract cover Network and PC services?

typically that is a gray area in our industry just because of the copier connected to the network. Sometimes there are functions that appear as if the copier has a malfunction and can’t communicate between the computers the system and the router now with that said, We will assist the IT dept with troubleshooting the problem and we will cover anything that affects the copiers performance, this does not include editions of new computers upgrades, server replacements that is traditionally an IT department task we will be more than glad to assist should there be any issues.

What is the realistic time frame for between service calls?

traditional in our industry a response time can take an average 4 hours within that 4 hours the company can make a phone call or send a technician most practice is to reach out to the client and try to walk them over the phone first before sending a technician out.



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